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How does it work?

We create chef-designed recipes

that are delicious and nutritious

You choose what you like

and we send you all the ingredients

We deliver for free at your door

so that you can skip the market search trips

You cook a fun, healthy and tasty meal

in around 20 minutes

What's in the Let's Chef Meal Kit?

We're choosy about what goes into your box. From fresh and exact ingredients, to simple step-by-step recipe cards and leak-proof packaging; every detail has been considered to ensure an exceptional culinary experience.
Recipe Card
From our chef's inspiration behind the recipe to insider plating tips, our recipe cards take you through a step-by-step journey of the culinary experience.
We source fresh ingredients and send them in ice packing to keep them crisp and prevent from wilting during the transit. Everything comes in the exact, required proportion so that you save time and avoid wastage.
The Box
Your ingredients come in a beautifully designed cardboard box; the box is ice packed in order to keep your ingredients fresh for hours after the delivery.